About Us

My name is Unyime and I started U4UDesigns, operating in Austin, Texas, and we specialize in custom-made African-inspired apparel and fashion accessories for women, men, and children. African-inspired is defined as Westernized clothing made with African-style fabrics and prints by designers and tailors from Africa. I started U4U in 2007, when I was an ambitious entrepreneur from Nigeria, Africa who just wanted to share her culture through her zeal for fashion. 

We are dedicated to providing African-inspired clothing and accessories at an affordable price. Let us custom make any unique clothing of your choice.

Providing opportunities abroad. We recognize that the unstable economic climate in many African nations makes it difficult for their citizens to advance professionally. We believe that no talent should go unseen because of circumstances beyond one’s control. Thus, we reach out to those citizens with opportunities to make a living by sharing their passion.
Supplying distinguished quality with unfaltering authenticity. We value our clients as an integral part of our company. To ensure complete satisfaction, we pledge to provide up-to-date styles always made with the finest quality materials, and the uncompromising level of authenticity characteristic of African fashions.